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“long live jahseh” account managed by his management team
On this page you can anonymously watch and download stories, highlights and publications xxxtentacion from any device (computer, laptop, smartphone, etc.). A simple and user-friendly interface will help you quickly view and download the material of your choice. The modal window has arrows (left, right) that you can use to scroll through publications. There is a digital indicator next to the account autark that displays the number of new stories that you have not watched yet.


Statistics on the number of posts of xxxtentacion over several days
The "Number of posts" indicator is almost unchanged from 05/24/2023 to 06/17/2023, the graph shows that there are minimal fluctuations within one percent. Thus, the user xxxtentacion shows neither positive nor negative trend.
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Statistics on the number of followers of xxxtentacion over several days
The "Number of followers" indicator is almost unchanged from 05/24/2023 to 06/17/2023, the graph shows that there are minimal fluctuations within one percent. Thus, the user xxxtentacion shows neither positive nor negative trend.
Date Followers
Statistics on the number of followings of xxxtentacion over several days
Below is a graph clearly showing the changes in the "Number of followings" for a period of 24 days. You can see that the user has a drawdown of -25 percent by this metric, which corresponds to a drawdown of about -0 per day in absolute terms.
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Frequently asked questions

  • What can be downloaded and viewed using the service (ig story viewer)?
    Using the functions of the service, any user can download and watch anonymously Instagram stories, highlights, streams (live broadcasts), publications and photos from a profile that is open (is public) on Instagram. All of the listed content can be downloaded to your device using special interface elements.
  • Do you need an Instagram account to track someone else's profile?
    No. All open other people's profiles can be viewed by the user's nickname, not the name of their own Instagram profile. You just need to enter username in the input field on the main page, and then click the "Search" button. After clicking, you will immediately be taken to the page with the desired content, if the user has it.
  • What devices can the website be used on
    The service in question is available in all modern browsers from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet and mobile smartphone (including modern mobile operating systems iPhone, Android). If on some device our website is not available to you, please let us know and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.
  • Can I download a story from someone else's profile anonymously?
    If this profile is public (that is, open, available without prior subscribing to the account), then you can, by entering the user's nickname, go to the profile page, from which you can download stories, photos, broadcasts, publications and other available information.
  • What is the cost of using the Insta-Stories-Viewer features?
    All functions of the service are available absolutely free of charge and without registration. Therefore, there is no need to fill in any data to gain access to the information provided.
  • How you can use downloaded Instagram stories / photos / videos?
    All files available for download are presented for review. The rights to Instagram stories / photos / videos belong to their owners. We strongly advise against using or modifying files for any purpose. However, from these materials you can pick up some idea by viewing and analyzing this or that material, get inspiration, as well as formulate and embed a content strategy for your future posts on social networks.
  • What file formats are available for download on instagram story viewer?
    All videos are available in .mp4 format, and all photos are in .jpg, .jpeg format. All downloads are available in the highest possible quality that can be received. This quality is quite enough to be able to analyze the viewed content. For example, it can serve as inspiration for your idea or for shaping a content strategy for running your own account.
  • How do I open a downloaded story?
    To open and view the downloaded story, you can use any modern video player, if it's a video story, or any program for viewing images, if it's a photo story. You can also create a new tab in any modern browser and drag the photo / video material to this tab, and the browser will automatically open the file in the required format. It should be noted that our service provides special functionality that allows you to watch Instagram stories anonymously by clicking on the appropriate interface elements.