Top 20 Most Liked Instagram Posts in 2023

Top 20 Most Liked Instagram Posts in 2023

Gradually, despite everything, the number of users joining the Instagram social network is increasing all over the globe. The introduction of expanded functionality, improving the quality of content, and the constant development of the platform leads to people of all ages becoming active users of Instagram.

Athletes, actors, and other celebrities actively engage with their fans, and their posts often generate strong reactions from followers, racking up millions of likes. This is most often associated with major world events, such as winning the World Cup or other memorable moments.


  • 14 out of 20 posts with the highest number of likes belong to soccer players Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Thus, the athletes occupy 70% of the rating with a total of more than 500 million likes.
  • Only 4 posts published in 2023 were included in the rating. All other posts are of earlier dates. The oldest post is dated 2018.

Most Liked Instagram Posts 2023

The table below shows the most-liked posts by number of likes on the Instagram social network (statistics data current as of December 9, 2023).

  Account Post Description Number of Likes Number of Comments Average Number of Likes Date Posted
1 Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi Lifting The World Cup Trophy 75,623,950 2,089,992 3,392,206 12/18/2022
2 Chris Godfrey
A Plain Old Egg 60,192,823 3,922,361 60,192,823 01/04/2019
3 Lionel Messi
Messi Sleeping With FIFA Trophy 54,703,978 704,599 3,392,206 12/20/2022
4 Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo and Messi Playing Chess 42,750,606 518,120 7,617,574 11/19/2022
5 Lionel Messi
Messi on an Airplane With FIFA Trophy 41,974,198 489,980 3,392,206 12/19/2022
6 Liz 6
Reel of a sunset 34,529,133 117,000 72,959 08/05/2023
7 Cristiano Ronaldo
Al Nassr FC
Cristiano Ronaldo Joins Al Nassr FC 34,430,728 1,310,984   12/30/2022
8 Lionel Messi
Messi Celebrating Victory in Argentina 34,425,429 258,908 3,392,206 12/21/2022
9 Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano After Portugal’s Elimination 34,180,954 1,589,540 7,617,574 12/11/2022
10 Lionel Messi
Ronaldo and Messi Playing Chess, Part 2 32,859,604 338,302 3,392,206 11/19/2022
11 Cristiano Ronaldo
Georgina Rodríguez
Ronaldo Is Having Twins 32,409,322 473,786   10/28/2021
12 Cristiano Ronaldo
Post in Remembrance of Pelé 32,322,352 230,618 7,617,574 12/29/2022
13 XXXTentacion
Final Post Before His Death 32,350,267 10,794,175 32,350,267 05/19/2018
14 Lionel Messi
After 2022 FIFA World Cup match against Croatia 29,715,806 443,533 3,392,206 12/14/2022
15 Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo Joined to the Al Nassr FC 27,933,567 274,533 7,617,574 01/03/2023
16 Cristiano Ronaldo
Post of friendly between PSG and Riyadh XI 27,873,926 241,942 7,617,574 01/19/2023
17 Zendaya
Happy Birthday Post to Tom Holland 26,304,255 219,358 6,184,280 06/01/2022
18 Lionel Messi
Post in Remembrance of Pelé 26,033,392 136,408 3,392,206 12/29/2022
19 Selena Gomez
Violet Chemistry 25,870,759 353,876 5,551,897 03/14/2023
20 Tom Holland
Meme "Spider-Man pointing" 25,205,773 136,318 4,208,173 02/23/2022

1. Lionel Messi Lifting The World Cup Trophy

Date: December 18, 2022
Number of likes: 75.6 million

This is the most popular post on Instagram at the end of 2023, consisting of ten photographs that will forever go down in football history. In the description of the post, Messi thanks his family, loved ones and everyone who supported him. Together with the team, Messi rejoices at the victory of the Argentina national team at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The final match turned out to be very tense – both Argentina and France scored three goals. The result of the match was determined by a series of post-match penalties.

The last time Argentina won the FIFA World Cup was in 1986. Messi wrote that for a long time he could not believe that his old dream had come true and the long-awaited victory had become a reality. Even though the championship ended at the end of 2022, the post is still gradually gaining likes.

2. A Plain Old Egg

Date: January 4, 2019
Number of likes: 60.2 million

This post is notable for its simplicity, as it features a simple chicken egg. The goal of the post was explicitly stated in the post description and was to break Kylie Jenner's record of more than 18 million reactions to a post with a picture of her daughter Stormi.

Thanks to the large number of reposts on various social networks, including Twitter, the goal was achieved very quickly. For almost 4 years, the post was the most popular post on the social network Instagram until Messi displaced it from the top spot in the rankings. The @world_record_egg account belongs to Chris Godfrey, an advertising agency employee living in London.

3. Messi Sleeping With FIFA Trophy

Date: December 20, 2022
Number of likes: 54.7 million

This post is a logical continuation of the first post from the rankings, where Messi lifts the World Cup trophy in Qatar. Having put in an incredible amount of effort, Messi and his team can deservedly enjoy the victory. It's time for a little rest, but Messi decided not to let go of the much-anticipated award.

The post consists of three photos, where the footballer sleeps in bed in the arms of the World Cup and incredibly happy with the result of the championship in Qatar. The trophy consists of pure gold and is valued at about 20 million dollars.